Aromatherapy Massage

This is a very enjoyable treatment using the power of touch and massage with the therapeutic effects of pure Essentials oils.

Aromatherapy massage is deep enough that you can feel a gentle work relaxing and releasing the tension in your body and mind and it is gentle enough to be blissful and not uncomfortable.

Essential oils have been used therapeutically and for their perfume for thousands of years. Plants were the first medicines men used. Different Essentials oils have certain affinities with organs, body Systems and their aromas can affect our estate of mind.

Just lay on the Couch, delight your senses with the gorgeous aromas and the blissful massage and forget about the World for a little while. 

When you come for the first time, a questionnaire about your health needs to be completed. We will also get to smell so you can choose the combination of oils more agreable to you from the oils I would set apart that can benefit your particular circumstances and state of health.

The length of the treatment depends on what you are looking for, your time and your needs. As with any other therapy, an intense course of treaments is recommended to gain maximum benefits and alter that, monthly treatments or whatever feels appropriate for you. All this can be discussed.