Facial Reflexology






Facial Reflexology is a holistic therapy that takes place on the face. The face contains the 5 senses, is rich in blood vessels and nerves and also includes very powerful acupuncture points. These facts make the face the perfect place to work from to affect the whole of the body.


Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem is the result of 40 years of study of  the Danish therapist Lone Sorensen. Her impressive results applying her method on children with neurological issues has been awarded and recognised internationally.


Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem is based on indigenous South American healing traditions plus traditional oriental medicine including the meridian system as well as the more modern science of neurology of the face and the central nervous system.


By using different massage and reflexology techniques on the different zones of the face which are directly related and linked to all the organs and body systems, it is believed to trigger a nerve impulse that will travel to the intended area or areas and alter the energetically balance to promote health and well-being.


Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem is a very deep, powerful and extremely relaxing treatment that will also improve your facial appearance due to stimulating blood circulation and improving well-being.




What happens during a treatment




When you come to see me for the first time, I need to take a detail consultation to learn about your health and lifestyle. All that plus the information your face shows will help me to decide your personalised treatment plan.


As the treatment takes place solely on the face and on the scalp, you remain fully clothed. t is also advisable to come without make up.


I blend all the products I use to treat you. I only use natural aromatherapy products. For this treatment, I use my own blend of rosehip oil with Essentials oils.


To get maximum benefits and effects, an intensive course of treatments is advised.  The length of the course depends on your particular condition although 6 treatments, one per week is the minimum advisable to start noticing results normally. After this initial course, a monthly maintenance session is enough.


The treatment lasts around 50-60 minutes. The first time you come it takes longer due to the consultation


After the treatment, specially the first one, it is possible that you might experience a slight sense of coming down with something such as flu like symptoms. This is normal and it is a good indication that your body is reacting to the treatment. The best thing to do is to drink lots of water, take a rest if you body feels the need and take it easy. This feeling will pass in a few hours, a day or exceptionally 2 days.


Facial Reflexology is suitable for all ages and genders.










This is a treatment based on Facial Reflexology in combination with a neuro-sensitive massage and continuos lymphatic drainage. The aim is to make you look and feel refreshed and radiant.


 It is also a treatment developed by Lone Sorensen.



Japanese Cosmo Facelift is perfect if you want to:


Ø  Feel and look rejuvenated and refresh


Ø  Achieve facial improvement and radiance in a completely natural and non invasive way


Ø  Feel and look good from the inside out and the outside in, improving well being and relaxation levels



The most reported effects of the treatment are:


Ø  Natural radiance and refreshed look


Ø  More definition in the facial contours


Ø  Eyes look more alive and open.


Ø  Under eye bags and dark circles diminish


Ø  Reduction in puffiness


Ø  Improve sense of well-being 


Ø  Deep sense of relaxation that also applies to normal life


Japanese cosmo facelift includes: 


Ø  Facial Reflexology:The whole of the body is reflected on the face, by stimulating and working certain reflex areas or zones on the face and certain acupuncture points (see facial reflexology)


Ø  Neuro-sensitive massage of the face that not only works on the facial muscles that are in constant use even while we sleep, it also stimulates the facial nerves.


Ø  Constant lymphatic drainage that detoxifies all the tissues on the face. 


All these


Ø  Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin,


Ø  The tissues oxygenate and detoxify, blood and nerve flow is increased to the skin and facial muscles.


Ø  The production of endorphins (natural pain killers and happy hormones) as well as serotonin (regulates sleep and link to depression..) are stimulated.


The treatment takes place on the face, unless you want to add a neck, shoulder and décolletage treatment, in which case you will need to expose those areas. Otherwise, it is just the face, no need to undress.


It is also advisable to come without make up. 


To gain maximum benefits and for a long lasting result, an intensive course is needed in the beginning and alter it, a monthly maintenance session is required.


The initial intensive course depends on your skin and facial condition. In general, 1 treatment weekly for 6 weeks is advisable but it might need to be extended longer depending on your particular condition. In some cases, 12 treatments, twice weekly are recommended. All these options can be discussed during the consultation.


In most cases, after the first treatment it is possible to see a difference.


Japanese Cosmo Facelift is suitable for both genders and anybody who feels ageing prematurely independent of age.