Had the Japanese Cosmo Facelift today with Meli and all I can say is that at the end of it I was speechless in a very positive way. I felt extremely relaxed. The most important thing for me is that I think I found a professional who I would definitely go back to. THANK YOU MELI !!!

-Nadia Make up-  August 29th 2018

Had the facial reflexology treatment last night. Loved facials and foot reflexology and was intrigued to try it out! Meli’s relaxation room started to relax you within a few minutes of being there and whilst some aspects of it were similar to a facial, it did feel very different. Will be booking another session very soon, as had my best night’s sleep in ages, and just feel different in a good way 🙂

Debz Mussell- August 13th 2015

I enjoyed a relaxing Japanese Face Lift with Meli a couple of weeks ago – you will NOT believe the difference afterwards – I highly recommend taking a before and after picture as the difference is unbelievable! It’s fabulously relaxing too! Her therapy room is a haven of tranquility, warm and cosy and just so relaxing.

Debbie Gobbett- February 27th 2018


I have been going to Meli’s Facial Reflexions for over 4 years now, she offers a wide range of treatments, and I believe I have tried every single one of them! Absolutely delicious!
She was recommended to me by a mutual friend, and since the first appointment, I was literally hooked, I could not get enough of them!

I truly recommend Meli Facial Reflexions, my favourite being the ‘face lift’ treatment, very relaxing and uplifting at the same time, with amazing results!

Sandra Churchill-Browne- September 2nd 2015

I have had my third Japanese Cosmo facial facelift from Meli.
They have been such a relaxing and amazing experience!
I can not recommend Meli highly enough.
Meli is very experienced and professional and confident, which really put me at ease. My face looks toned and refreshed. My watery eyes has all but vanished. Great job Meli!

-Wendy Elizabeth White- February 26th 2019

I usually turn up rushed and exhausted from my very extremely busy life to her calming, impeccably clean and beautifully scented cabin when I go for a massage and I leave so  lovely relaxed and rested, very well looked after! Soothing music to help you relax completely.

Carmen Salazar-  October 4th 2016

I’ve been having a series of facial reflexology treatments with Meli and they have been the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever had. Since I’ve started the treatments, my mood has been great, I’m sleeping better and some of my minor ailments have improved. I can’t wait till my next session.

-Sara Thomassen- March 18 2016

Fantastic results. Meli has treated me over the last few years to keep my Crohns under control. I would very highly recommend.

Shellie Stemp- November 6th 2014

Meli’s Japanese Cosmo Facelift was recommend to me through a mutual friend and after just one session I was hooked. My face felt firmer, looked brighter and healthier. I’m still young but I firmly believe prevention is better than cure, and these facials are completely natural with appeals to me more than the other anti aging procedures. My friends have also noticed a difference in my skin tone and complexion.
I say give it a go and see for yourself…

Daisy Elisabeth Dance- June 9th 2015

I was lucky enough to experience Meli Cosmo facial- my skin was rejuvenated and glowing and although it was such a deeply relaxing treatment I fell asleep, I felt energised afterwards like a deep yoga nidra- I highly recommend!! Thankyou Meli xxx

Evie Whitehead- January 25th 2019